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Sexual harassment at the workplace
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#2 June 2020

Current Situation

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has shown that our life has inevitably arrived in the VUCA world. It is characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The effects of this pandemic have left traces on all of us and the impacts on different parts of our society cannot be denied. We may not oversee all the implications yet, but what we know for sure is that the private and professional live has transferred to the digital world.
Although our attention has been focused in the last months on the Corona measures, sexual harassment is not conspiring from the screen surface. The opposite is the case – verbal and non-verbal harassment in the digital world is also one form of discrimination and it is in existence also during a lockdown at the workplace. Apart from that it is already known that especially women are affected by the economic downturn worldwide.

Several helplines were launched on an European level including for sexual harassment. Yet, to tackle the needs to create a working environment free from sexual harassment, it needs prevention, sensitisation and a professional handling in case of sexual harassment on an organizational level. This is exactly what we offer with our Be Aware Project – a customised training in form of blended learning for decision makers and people working in the relevant field. Participants of this training are enabled to act as Be Aware Mentors.

What has happened so far?

Shortly before the crisis struck Europe, we had the possibility to have a meeting in Innsbruck, Austria from 12th till 13th February: We concentrated on the development of the Trainings on systemic prevention measures as well as awareness and support in organisations which are offered in a blended learning form for organisations. All materials and the trainings will be available in six languages (Bulgarian, English, German, Lithuanian, Spanish, Turkish), to download for free on our Homepage.

Standards for VET-Trainings

Which skills and competencies are required for becoming a Be Aware Mentor? One example is micropolitical competence, which participants learn throughout the training and that is a part of the expert knowledge on sexual harassment, which is defined in the “Standards for Vet-Training”.

Systemic measures and support in organisations

In this training document, the partnership provides a general information on the topic for the trainer to have background knowledge before getting deep into solutions to eradicate sexual harassment at the workplace. Moreover, a step by step approach of creating an action plan is provided in case of a complaint and prevention measures can be found in order to establish a working environment free from sexual harassment.

Awareness in organisations

Main focus of this training material is to provide both theoretical and practical tools and methods for dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace and to tackle the importance of organisational structure and culture for reducing this issue. The paper overviews possible ways for ensuring a long-term change in the organisations and includes both online and face-to-face training to improve the professional development of HR managers, VET trainers, teachers, mediators and workers’ representatives. The training covers topics on organisational landscape, raising awareness in organisations, practising bystander approach, change management and other.

Our Be Aware Video

Who can be affected and who can be an offender and what is sexual harassment exactly, just have a look at our video here!
Be Aware - Video about sexual harassment at the workplace

Thanks for the good collaboration with our video producers Treetop.

What’s coming up: Next steps

In Autumn we start to provide our face-to-face and online trainings in companies.

If you are interested, we invite you to contact us for an initial consultation.

We are happy to meet each other for the next meeting in Turkey.

Be Aware

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