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Sexual harassment in the workplace
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#3 January 2021

What has happened so far?

Despite the current situation we keep up our motivation and the good international cooperation. From the 10th to 12th November 2020 the project partner meeting took place online. Together as a team, we discussed how to tackle the challenges and what steps we will take next. During the last project meeting the topics of risk analysis, policy recommendation and dissemination and promotion of Be Aware project were focused on.

Free e-learning course

We have developed a free e-learning where you can interactively get basic knowledge on sexual harassment, legislation concerning this topic as well as practical tips on how to tackle sexual harassment at the workplace.

On our homepage you can access our free online training, which can be done in English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Turkish, Lithuanian or German.

What one participant says about the e-learning

"The e-learning gave me a good overview of the topic of sexual harassment at the workplace. I was able to apply the knowledge immediately by filling out exciting quizzes. I was able to learn a lot and would recommend it to anyone!"

How to become a Be Aware Mentor

Be Aware team is preparing to implement face-to-face training for relevant people to strengthen their competences of dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace. After the VET trainings, the participants become so-called Be Aware Mentors. The Be Aware Mentors are provided with useful material, tools and methods. They are sensitised to the causes and challenges of sexual harassment at the workplace and made aware of their scope of action.

Their competences in dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace are increased.

We are on LinkedIn

Be Aware is now also active on LinkedIn. News and updates about the project's activities are shared there. Stay informed at this link:

Next steps

A transfer manual is being prepared. This manual will provide guidance on how to avoid typical barriers to learning good practices. It is based on the Be Aware project and its unique experience of knowledge transfer between five project partners who have experience in the field of sexual harassment prevention.

Happy New Year!

The Be Aware project team wishes you a happy and healthy New Year 2021!

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