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Sexual harassment in the workplace
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#4 June 2021

The project Be Aware is now coming to an end and the project team looks proudly back to what was achieved. The effects of the pandemic had significant impact on the Be Aware project. Due to the various restrictions we had to find new methods for implementing training and new strategies to disseminate our knowledge.
As challenging as it was, through a flexible approach and by being adaptive to ongoing changes, we were able to continue our project activities throughout.

What has happened so far?

In most of the countries the situation did not allow meetings and gatherings so the Be Aware team was very flexible and held some of the training courses in a digital setting.
Participants, had the opportunity to take part in digital and customized training.
More training courses on systemic prevention and support in organizations as well as change management and mindfulness in order to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace are currently taking place in all participating countries.

After completing two Be Aware training courses the participants are enabled to act as Be Aware Mentors.

Read below what two participants say!

What do course participants have to say?

Claudia Jordán Castaño
took part in the Be Aware face-to-face training for sensitization, prevention and awareness of sexual harassment at the workplace, in Gijón, Spain.
Thanks to the course, she is now “much more aware of sexual harassment, as I did not know before how many forms it could take”, and that she is also “more aware of statistics and specific data, which I did not have before, and I acquired during the piloting sessions”.
Claudia attended the face-to-face sessions, where the group “was really enjoyable and I could hear firsthand testimonies from real situations of sexual harassment at the workplace”. In her own words, Claudia believes that “the course has been extremely useful, as I learned a lot about the procedures that are to be followed in the event of having to face one of these situations, either as an affected person or as bystander”.
Sara Fernández
also participated in the face-to-face piloting of the Be Aware project, and this is what she wants to tell us about it!
According to Sara, the course was a great opportunity to deepen her prior knowledge of sexual harassment and to understand the importance and impact it has on those affected. When asked about the part she liked the most from these sessions, she says: “The most interesting thing was to be able to get to know experiences from other participants and discuss them with the rest of the group.”
Finally, Sara acknowledges that she “would recommend everyone to take the course, as sexual harassment at the workplace is a serious issue that is still present in our society, and it is important that we all are aware of the different procedures we have to follow in order to avoid it from happening”.

Next steps - follow us till the end of the project and beyond

Focus groups
We are looking forward to some focus group events in June. Experts and stakeholders meet to discuss and exchange the topic of sexual harassment. The findings of the focus groups will be integrated in the transfer manual.

Transfer manual
The transfer manual will support enterprises, organisations and stakeholders when designing intervention strategies focusing on the prevention of sexual harassment. The handbook will ease the implementation of measures on an organizational level.

Final transnational meeting in July
We will have our final meeting from the 27th to the 28th of July. Our project partners in Lithuania SIF, Social innovation fund, will be our host.

Support and advice after the project end
Yes, the project will officially end at the end of August. The homepage and the information material will continue to be available for anyone interested.

If you need more information and support, you can contact the project partners for advice.

We will continue to work to for more diversity and a respectful treatment at workplace to reduce the risk of sexual harassment.
Our free E-learning course is still available under:
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